New Photo Upload for Website – with gallery & slideshow option, and image search

I have added a new tool called Photosmash for the Gureasko Heritage Site that will allow any family member to upload directly to this site. It will also show the images in a gallery or slideshow, and let you search for images with a particular tag (e.g. “Ruth” would show images that have been tagged […]

Family Photos from Michael now online on Picassa

Hi everyone, I have posted most of the photos that Michael scanned to Picassa. They can be found here: and Also, I posted some photos from The Kanter/Wise family reunion last summer to here: Jon

Aunt Edie (Edy, Dedee)

DANNY I found a story for all of you — one that I didn’t know.  I was searching the net for Edith Gureasko (our beloved Aunt Dedee  as we pronounced it). I found the link below to a scanned newspaper — the Toronto Blade from August 14, 1916.,3591263 There is a picture of Aunt […]