OK, this time I’d like you to respond (a Gureasko request from Ricky)

ruth marty hilda


[Original picture was on Posterous site, which has now closed; so I’m putting up this beautiful picture instead.]

Hi Family –

I’m trying different methods to post to the new Gureasko website, and want to see how well this free Posterous service works. Let’s pretend this is a post about some family topic, and I’ve included a photo as an attachment. In this case, it’s a 3mb (fairly large) photo of Ruth and Marty in bathing suits, that Michael sent in one of his earlier uploads. Part of this test will be to see if the photo shows up in the Post on the website, and whether a version of it comes through in the email notification.

Now, as to your responses…

Does anyone know when and where this photo was taken? I’d guess it was early 30’s in Atlantic City, since I know that Marty was doing lots of stuff there at that time. However, it doesn’t show the Steel Pier, so it could have been anywhere. Also, judging by Marty’s hair and Mom’s figure, perhaps this was a little later in time, although this could be a bad guess.

I’d like to get a few responses from whoever cares to chime in. As part of the test, please (using the feature provided by Posterous) put your reply above the dashed line, right at the top of the email you receive. This should make your response show up as a “Comment” on the site rather than as a separate “Post”.

I’m interested in seeing whether these responses / comments are sent out to the family email list. My hope is that this service will make it easy to post by email, and respond via email, and collect everything nicely on the website.

Love to all,




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