TNG Family Tree is now set for private access

I realized that although access was controlled to the Family Tree page, that the TNG online system itself could be viewed directly by the public. To avoid any issues, I have made it necessary to login to the TNG program in order to view genealogy data.

When you click the Family Tree page, you’ll see the TNG Home view, and need to Login there (underneath Other Features) before it will show you anything. There is a checkbox to “Stay logged in on this computer” which may make it easier for the next time – try checking this when you enter your username and password.

If you have any problems logging in, please send an email to Kimberly, and she can make sure you have your login name and password set up properly. Also, if you want to edit the Family Tree direct

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  1. Hi;
    I am Barry Berger, The eldest of two son of Florence Gureasko Berger and Irving Berger. I am the eldest grandson of Max and Evelyn Hertzberg Gureasko, first cousin of Bob and Elliot Auerhahn. I believe I signed up correctly at and have a lot of photos of the Gureaskos. Bob had sent me the invitation to the site. You can email me at:

  2. Welcome Barry! Your signup for the Gureasko site has been updated so you are now a “Contributor” and can create Posts and add Comments. I will send you an email with your login info for the genealogy (Family Tree), and also add you to the family email list.
    – Ricky

  3. after the new york times publisity we must set up a dotted link to the recently exported gureyevs and learn what they can shareabout the family history and name and its derivation. can someone volunteer- i find it quite exciting,,,,or perhaps they really are murphys and we came from dublin….

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