Should the whole Gureasko website be private?

I’d like to ask for your feedback about whether the site as a whole should be private, or only the genealogy (family tree) page, along with other posts that are specifically chosen to be private.

Michael posted a comment based on a personal experience he had when someone called him and tried to run a confidence game based on knowing some details about his background at Columbia University architecture:

  • “it should be private. we were unsuccessfully scammed based upon personal knowledge”

I’m not sure whether Michael wanted everything to be private, or just the parts I outlined, since his comment was so brief.

Please add your comments to this post and share your feelings about this topic.

— Ricky

Published by Michael

on gureasko side: grandson of louis and dora gureasko son of ruth and jack bobrow brother of danny rusty and eric father of beth(steve) erica and dave(liza) grandfather of sam sarah jacob and nico nephew of hilda lou marty joan and artie cousin to charles and doris, lenny, sandy and edward

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  1. Michael –

    The family tree / genealogy data will be on a page only accessible when logged in as a family member. Other posts are currently visible without logging in. Do you feel that we should make the entire site private?


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