The Family Tree is Online!

Kimberly Bobrow Jennery and her friend Kathryn have imported the family tree data into our online system. To view, click on the Family Tree page at the top left of your screen. Since this page is private (family members only), you’ll need to log in to the website with the user name and password that were emailed to you last week.

If you need any help logging in, please send an email to Kimberly and she can confirm or correct your user name and password.

To make corrections in the family tree data, please email Kimberly (if it’s a change you are certain about) or the family email list (if it’s a historical item that you’d like to ask others to confirm). If you prefer, you may request to edit the family tree directly; Kimberly can set you up for that.

In addition to simple data (e.g. name, birth and death dates and places, marriage and children, etc.) the system can compile and integrate photos, notes and citations. Please add whatever you can to make the record of our family heritage as rich and detailed as possible!

Eric (Ricky) Bobrow

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  1. Can’t get into trees or associated trees. help!

    Do u think we should keep record sets of all trees as submitted as a base archive. I think it would make sense for accurate researching
    Michael Bobrow

  2. Michael –
    I sent you an email with detailed instructions for getting into the family tree TNG system. I’m not sure what you mean by keeping a record set of all trees as a base archive. We have the original GED file that was used to transfer your data from the old system into the new TNG system, and this of course can serve as a reference archive. We can export GED files at any time from the system, as backups of the state of the tree at any given point in time. Is that what you mean?

    I have also uploaded the family tree Word documents as supplied by Sandy and others to a separate post


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