New Photo Upload for Website – with gallery & slideshow option, and image search

I have added a new tool called Photosmash for the Gureasko Heritage Site that will allow any family member to upload directly to this site. It will also show the images in a gallery or slideshow, and let you search for images with a particular tag (e.g. “Ruth” would show images that have been tagged […]

Gureasko family photos now on Flickr

This post shows images of Ruth Gureasko Bobrow from the new Gureasko Family account set up by Kimberly Bobrow Jennery. On the Home page, you’ll only see thumbnails. Click the Continue Reading link to see the full post. [slickr-flickr tag=”ruth”] This test post shows a number of photos that were tagged “ruth”. Click on one, […]

Links to various family tree lists (private post – login to view)

A few family members have shared PDF or Word files with family tree info. I have uploaded them so anyone interested may access them. This post is private, so only family members will see these links. We will maintain this post with a complete set of links for any family tree documents that are submitted. […]

OK, this time I’d like you to respond (a Gureasko request from Ricky)

  [Original picture was on Posterous site, which has now closed; so I’m putting up this beautiful picture instead.] Hi Family – I’m trying different methods to post to the new Gureasko website, and want to see how well this free Posterous service works. Let’s pretend this is a post about some family topic, and […]