Some notes on the origins of the Bobrows

its great to see the snow ball we have created together- it started by my cleverly answering ericas question about ruths mother’s name and my answer was “mom”- fortunately erica told me to get real.

the following information should be included in the archive- and double checked of course.


I believe grandma ruths mom answered to Dora lehrner- or that could be dads moms name

… both were doras I think .  dads mom came from Kaminetz podolsk near Minsk and close to your grand mother yetta who came from slutsk. could have been Ukraine or belarussia.

u can find the name Bobrow or Bobrov in many places in Poland and Russia- often the name of a river or town   spelled many ways bobruisk as an example. I think there is a specific Bobrow village I tracked down. since it’s root comes from the word for beaver our family crest is two buck teeth on an appropriate heraldic shield. there are several little beavers on the shield and it is said that the true shield has a bite taken out of it. you might check that.

only recently I had a delivery man tell me I was Russian since the name is pretty common in moscow – obviously they survived WWII thru the cunning of architectural dam building. it is thought the the entire Bobrow beaver tribe survived in wetsuits eating Deedee Reese peanut cookies.

let me know when u would like lecture 2 love dad

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