Are there any Gureaskos Left?


Well, there do appear to be some Gureasko’s around in the US.  A quick search shows up Jodi Gureasko in the San Francisco area, Martin and Zach Gureasko in Huntsville, Karen Gureasko, Hank and Emily Gureasko in Louisiana, Michael Gureasko in Cincinnati.  Some of those people may be related to us.


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  1. I’ve been searching for Cynthia Stetzer, and may have found her. Will keep you posted!

  2. I’m the son of Jack (Jackie) and Jewel Gureasko, grandson of Louis and Esther Gureasko. I’m living in Huntsville, AL. My son, Zach, is a junior at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. We are definitely related. I’m excited to be a part of this. I have several pix I would like to share and will do that soon.

  3. I am Michael Gureasko in Cincinnati. Henry was my father and Samuel, who came over on the boat with Jacob, was my grandfather. I have pictures of Samuel in the Philippines in 1902 when he was 16 or17 and a bugler in the cavalry. My brother Bob, who lives in New Jersey, has his bugle. My daughter Elizabeth lives here with my wife Patricia and I. My older daughter lives in Arlington Virginia with her husband John and my two granddaughters. Her name is Kristen Gureasko Masci. Bob also has two daughters, Jodi and Sammi.
    The website is a great idea. Thanks to all who worked on it.

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