Gureasko family photos now on Flickr

This post shows images of Ruth Gureasko Bobrow from the new Gureasko Family flickr account set up by Kimberly Bobrow Jennery.

On the Home page, you’ll only see thumbnails. Click the Continue Reading link to see the full post.

[slickr-flickr tag=”ruth”]

This test post shows a number of photos that were tagged “ruth”. Click on one, and it will show it larger. You may scan through the slides by clicking on the Next or Previous buttons (they show up when you move your mouse over the photo). You can also use the right arrow on your keyboard to move forward, or the left arrow to move to the previous photo. Click the close box or hit the Escape key to close the slides.

Kimberly has been using Flickr for all of her photos for a long time, and she has generously purchased an account for the family ($25 per year) that will allow unlimited photos to be uploaded. We’ll be trying out different ways to integrate the photos into the website.

I will email the family email list the login and password for this Flickr account, so you can upload photos whenever you wish. In addition to uploading, a very useful thing to do is to go through the photos and “tag” them with people’s names. That way one can easily search for and display all photos that are tagged “Ricky” (for example). I suggest we tag with first names to make it simple, except where there would be confusion.

– Ricky

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