Michael’s Notes and Questions

it sounds like you both are working on the family tree. that’s great .

i have a somewhat comprehensive tree i will get to you with info from my generation backwards if i can figure how to export… please confirm what u both are actually doing so i can help and we can make it into one. we should have your generation carry the story ahead in a single document.

also there is much unrecorded narrative of the louis gureasko family- brothers sisters that perhaps doris, chick danny and linda can provide. doris said she was thinking of writing some of it.

important questions like where did the gureaskos actually come from- my info was some where near odessa on an estate of a count guriev. variations of name- gurievsky eg. hilda had said there was some notation in a family bible that they migrated from spain in the 1490s during the inquisition. chick has some of this lore.

where did louis gureaskos wife dora lehrner come from. my recollection was a town called ungvahr in northern hungary- now a soviet city with a different name.

also there is a stephen gureasko, linda yangs brother. and children of jackie gureasko- louis gureaskos son by a second marriage to esther half brother to hilda, ruth marty et al. doris – verify if stepbrother or halfbrother.

they both are/were located in the southeast or texas area. there is one of jackies children named martin gureasko after uncle marty who is a prominent christian gospel singer….

please add beth’s name and leslies correct email to the distribution in future. i have inserted the addresses above.

looking forward to your stuff…


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