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This is probably common knowledge, but just in case, here’s everything
from Ruth and Jack (I confess I don’t always remember which Rodin
belongs where, etc…) I’d love to see anyone else’s tree so I can get
it straight in my head!

Ruth Gureasko and Jack Bobrow
4 sons:
Danny Bobrow 3 children with Eileen: (now married to Toni)
Kimberly Jennery
one son: David Brosius (not biological)
Deborah Bobrow
Jordan Bobrow

Michael Bobrow 3 children with Iris (now Susan): (now married to Julia)
Beth Pressler with Steve:
one son: Samuel
one daughter: Sarah
Erica Bobrow
David Bobrow with Liza:
one son: Jacob
Leslie Thomas (step-daughter by Julia):
one son: Nico (I think I have the name/spelling correct)

Rusty (Robert) Bobrow 3 children with Susannah:
three daughters: Johanna Bobrow, Elisabeth Bobrow, Laurel Bobrow

Ricky (Eric) Bobrow with Kathleen:
one son: Ayden Graham (formerly Rafael Bobrow)

I really hope I didn’t totally miss anyone – that would be
embarrassing, since I know them all so well!

–Kimberly Bobrow Jennery


Thanks Kimberly. That’s actually very helpful for me. Even though I know all of you, it’s been many years since I have seen most of you.

On the Rodin side, springing from Hilda and Lou, we have:

Doris & Charles (Chick to most old family members)

Charles (Chick) Rodin –
2 children with first wife Alice
Jon married to Brigid with 2 children, Sam and Molly
Jamie married to Robert with 3 children, Jake, Cory and Alex
Helen married to Ray, stepdaughter from 2nd marriage to Rita
Justine and Melissa, stepdaughters from current marriage to Bobbie

Doris Kanter –
3 children with first husband Bob
David married to Laura (not his sister :-)) with 1 daughter Julia
Laura with 2 children, Tatiana & Matthew
Janet married to Wyatt with stepdaughter who’s name escapes me at the moment who also has a child
2 step sons with Herb
Steven is married and has a daughter, but embarrassingly, since I haven’t seen them in 15 years or more, I can’t remember their names.
Andy has 2 kids, Ian and Emily



Ok, Jon, you are bad.
Janet is married to Wyatt Peterson.  His daughter is Lexie.  She has more than one child, but Janet will have to fill in the names.
Steven is married to Whitley, daughter Stevie.
Can’t promise I spelled everyone right.
We should include the Wise/Kanter kids on these emails.  I have some of their email addresses.

What I would like is to get a good family history going back.  We know Hilda, Marty, Ruth, Joan, and they had a 1/2 sib,Jackie and a step bro, Irving.  I know their father was Louis Guereasko, but don’t know their mother’s name. Also I would love a written record of the cousins, Eddie, Esther, Pearl, Edna, I know there were more….I would hate to lose some of our family history……

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  1. linda (gureasko) yang and stephen gureasko can fill in about their parents eddie and esther gureasko.

    pearl and edna gureasko were sisters and doris/chick could enlighten. there are a few pictures of them from the 30s-50s in the gureasko archive

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